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In 2006, a group of six ladies from South Thompson Baptist Church began meeting together in an effort to learn quilting.  While the small group met, ideas began to form. One day after visiting a local nursing home, one of the ladies from the group commented that she had met a “little old lady” that could use some kind of covering for her legs. With this idea, the ladies quilting ministry began.  The group began quilting various items to give away.  Through the past few years, the group has grown to approximately twenty members that meet on a weekly basis to fellowship and minister to those that are less fortunate.


The vision of the Quilting Group is to help those in need, comfort the

Grieving and assist family care givers. The group is compelled by love to do what they do and are obedient to the commands of Christ to be Christians of service.  In doing so “it has been our greatest joy!”


The Quilting Group provides Fidget Blankets/Quilts for Alzheimer and Dementia patients and even late stage cancer patients. Fidget quilts are activity quilts made to lay in a patient’s lap with four activity squares.  These squares are "touchy-feely", meaning they provide the patient with objects on the quilt that the patient can touch and feel to keep their hands busy.


It has been noted that Patients, whom have received these quilts, have fidgeted less and have been more relaxed and calmer than patients without these quilts.


Each time a Fidget quilt is given to a patient, the Quilting Group  

provides the patient with a customized designer adult bib.  The bib is exceptionally functional and attractive.  The bib is designed to

attach to a person’s collar with Velcro, making the bib easy to get on

and off.  The bibb’s front is made of vinyl to provide for easy clean up. The group also provides cloth designer bibs for other needs.


Fidget Quilt/Blankets and bibs are available at no charge to patients or caregivers. The group has been blessed through the years to be able to provide them to anyone that has the need.


For more information on the Quilting Group Ministry or fruits of the ministry, please contact Lisa Thompson.

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